Convertible Note

Valuation cap – the maximum valuation as agreed when the investment was first made



Example 1: a VC invests $2.5M on a pre-money valuation of $5M

  • First, we work out which valuation to use. The lower of:
    1. the pre-money valuation: $5M
    2. the Conversion Cap: $4M
    3. the Conversion Discount applied to the Pre-Money Valuation: 15% off of $5M = $4.25M
  • So we use the Conversion Cap valuation of $4M to convert
  • The Investors in the Convertible Debt round get 100,000 * ($500k / $4M) = 12,500 shares

If no valuation cap and discount with 8M valuation, they only get half of the shares compared to with 4M valuation cap. (6250 shares)

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